Events and Training

Getting Started with Remote Learning 

Join us on our first EdTech Demonstrator national webinar, where we will support you to begin remote teaching from the very start. We will be able to share with you what we have learnt on our journey about: 

  • Setting up the virtual learning environment in Microsoft Teams
  • Creating a clear and manageable timetable
  • Sharing learning resources
  • Using video to connect with your pupils 
  • Planning remotely 
  • Setting and assessing work in 'Assignments' 
  • Supporting parents at home
  • Holding staff meetings
  • Staff training 

We look forward to seeing you at our first webinar. 


Monday 4th May 



Remote Teaching Basics

Our second webinar will focus on setting up your virtual school and will give you the confidence to get started. Our focus this week will be: 

  • Setting up your first Team - a step by step guide
  • Finding your way around the Teams user interface - what does it all do?
  • Managing your Team - Member permissions, filtering content, muting students, chat features, channels

Thursday 14th May 



Setting up meetings and creating assignments 

This webinar will help you to get to grips with how to effectively set up and run your meetings as well as creating and managing assignments for the children to complete. This will include: 

Setting up and managing a meeting

  • Schedule a one off or recurring meeting
  • Setting permissions for presenters and attendees
  • Before you join the meeting – Changing background, microphone muting, camera
  • During the meeting – Recording, screen sharing, mute all attendees, assign presenter, raise hands, view attendee list
  • End meeting for all


  • Creating an assignment
  • Adding resources
  • Scheduling assignments for future dates
  • MS Forms as an assignment
  • What the students see
  • Editing documents in assignments
  • Submitting work as a student
  • Who has completed the work?
  • Giving feedback

Thursday 21st May 



Making the most of Tabs 

Our next webinar will focus on all the tabs that are available to use on Teams and how this can help make remote learning more creative. We will include advice on using the following tabs:

  • FlipGrid
  • Twitter
  • URLS (Phonics games, spelling shed)
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Stream
  • Using MS Forms in a Stream video

Thursday 4th June 



A Whole School Approach

This webinar will show how Teams is used at Danesfield to support the school as a whole. We will be looking at:

· Supporting Parents

· Training Staff

· Collaboration

· Screen Free Wednesday

· Online safety

· Expectations

Tuesday 16th June