Pupil Premium Information

What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium grant is additional funding to improve education outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in schools in England.

It’s allocated for schools to:

  • improve the academic outcomes of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities
  • close the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers across the country

Danesfield School Pupil Premium Vision

Danesfield School is committed to ensuring maximum progress for all groups of children and strives to close any gaps in achievement. We have a clear, strategic approach to the use of specific Pupil Premium funding and plans are integrated into wider school support and improvement systems. These are monitored and evaluated regularly and in-depth data analysis ensures that the correct support and strategies are identified to maximise progress.

We believe that all pupils have the right to achieve their maximum potential regardless of their circumstances. We will provide opportunities to break through barriers, increase resilience and ensure that every child in our care is inspired to have a love for learning and have aspirations not bound by their background.