Pupil Leadership Team

Pupil Leadership Team

We believe that the more children are actively invested in a school, the greater their contribution towards it will be. This has a great effect on learning, as invested children make good learners. Additionally, at our school we believe that involving children in decision making and giving them roles of responsibility will generate an ambitious and aspirational atmosphere in which children will want to succeed. This will enable them to develop key skills which will be invaluable to them in later life, both moving onto secondary school as well as when entering the work place.

There are many ways in which we are able to give children roles of responsibility and leadership, as outlined below:  

School Council Members 

  • Each year, every class elects two representatives to be their school council members. 
  • The school council meets regularly with a member of SLT to discuss whole school issues and it allows the children’s voice to be heard. Topics can range from making decisions on the learning environment to deciding on elements of the curriculum and children are given the opportunity to speak freely about how they they feel the school could continue to improve and develop. 


Our Eco-Warriors are on a mission to make Danesfield School as environmentally friendly as possible. Representatives from Key Stage 2 classes meet regularly to discuss and implement school initiatives.

They organise KS2 ‘Waste Free Wednesday’s - a thought provoking idea to make children think of how they can reduce plastic not just throughout the day, but also what is put in their lunch boxes. The children are naturally motivated to engage with parents at home, finding alternative ways of not containing plastic in their lunches. The children also informed our local community with the steps we were taking as a school to fight the use of plastic and how we needed to work as a community to make an ever-lasting change. 

Each Eco-Warrior has their own role within the group, taking responsibility for different areas to help them develop their organisation and leadership skills.

Peer Mentors/Buddies 

  • We have a team of children in Year 6 who have received training, enabling them to become Peer Mentors to fellow students. This training included mental health awareness and key aspects of their role such as their responsibilities, communication, listening skills and safeguarding.
  • Our ‘buddies’, will provide a friendly ear and support to their peers and younger children across the school. 

House Captains 

Children put themselves forward for these roles then are elected by their peers. These children lead house events, such as sporting events, poetry competitions, charity fundraising days and House quizzes, and are responsible for the weekly tally and reporting of House points. 

Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders are a group of Year 6 children who support others with their use of technology across the school. They take responsibility for the digital resources within the school and communicate their technological knowledge to help others to enhance their learning.They support online safety and are trained through the Childnet digital leaders programme, which helps young people to promote kindness and respect both online and offline, as well as increasing confidence, knowledge and well-being.


Reading Ambassadors 

Reading Ambassadors promote their love of reading and share their passion with others, to promote reading throughout the school. Their responsibilities include recommending a wide range of books from different genres and cultures, discussing different authors, being the voice of pupils across the school and demonstrating exemplary reading behaviours as role models to others.