Pastoral Care

Our vision at Danesfield is of being an inspiring school that develops happy, well-rounded children with a love for learning.

Pastoral care therefore forms an integral part of school life and we are proud that our work to promote our pupils’ personal development and welfare was considered ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Pastoral care begins with each class teacher and the teaching assistants who have the most direct contact with our children. If there are any concerns regarding a child’s happiness or wellbeing, then these are shared with parents and the Pastoral Care team.

Friendship issues, changes at home, illness within the family and worries about pets are just some of the things that can cause children concern and affect their mental health. However trivial a worry may appear to us as grown-ups, we take each one seriously and always seek to reassure and provide support when necessary.

We want to enable our children to be respectful of others and resilient as they journey through life. They are encouraged to consider their own and each other’s feelings through whole-class Circle Time activities and, sometimes, through small discussion groups. Pupils are rewarded for their work and actions in a number of ways, including being awarded house points, table points, Star of the Week as well as special ‘Buddy’ awards that recognise the attributes associated with being a good friend. A ‘Reflection’ time is held every lunchtime for children who may not have shown respect in some way towards others; together with the reward of ‘Fun Time Friday’ sessions, these measures help ensure that any issues or behaviour problems are resolved quickly. The school’s behaviour policy includes further measures associated with anti-bullying which, thankfully, are rarely called upon.

Pastoral Care Team

Danesfield is in the unique position of having a higher than average percentage of pupils from Service families, primarily the Royal Air Force. Mrs Monks, our Service Family Support, works with families to assist with the transition both in and out of Danesfield and offers on-going support to both children and parents. She can be contacted at: scc@danesfieldschool.co.uk or via the school office.

Mrs Dennis is Danesfield’s Pastoral Lead. She is an experienced primary teacher and works alongside children needing extra pastoral support whether this is on a long term basis or to support short term needs. She can be contacted at pastoralsupport@danesfieldschool.co.uk or via the school office and is happy to discuss any concerns a parent may have regarding their child’s wellbeing, especially in these challenging times.