Physical Education

At Danesfield we aim to deliver an inspiring curriculum which supports every child in developing a true passion for Physical Education. Our curriculum encourages pupils to seek out and embrace the wide range of sporting opportunities provided at Danesfield and take up clubs further afield. Through our PE curriculum, children are exposed to competitive and non-competitive sports and by the time children leave in year 6, we intend for every pupil to be technically proficient, an active participant in sporting opportunities, and lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Children will also be able to demonstrate co-operation and collaboration with others, showing a deep understanding of fairness, working as a team and equity of play. 

We implement our intentions by: 

  • Providing a fun and engaging curriculum which is balanced between indoor and outdoor activities. 

  • Ensuring PE planning is adapted based on the individual needs of our pupils, through designing activities that challenge the more able and support pupils with SEND. 

  • Delivering outstanding lessons in-line with our teachers’ expertise, whilst utilising the Complete PE scheme of work to support teachers’ planning. 

  • Ensuring children in the EYFS participate in sporting activities that develop their fine motor and gross motor skills, whilst delivering First Funs lessons to promote their physical development. 

  • Offering a wide range of sporting opportunities within each year group and ensuring different sports are taught across the whole school including multi-skills, football, tennis, hockey, tag rugby, dodgeball, netball, basketball, handball, athletics, dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming. 

  • Developing pupils’ core strength and fitness through Leo Gym coaching, aimed at inspiring pupils to continue these exercises during their weekly activities and enabling pupils to understand the importance of: strength, correct posture and living a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Providing high quality PE teaching run by experts, in a variety of sports, including: cricket, football, hockey, dance and cycling. 

  • Ensuring all pupils have opportunities to compete in intra-school and inter-school competitions, including sports day. 

  • Planning and delivering competitions termly, within year groups, which match the sport in which the pupils have been learning. 

  • Offering a variety of lunchtime clubs throughout the year, open to all pupils, including: multi-skills, skipping, netball, rugby and football. 

  • Providing children with immediate feedback during lessons and challenging them to develop their cognitive, social, wellbeing or physical skills further, including praising children through the use of coloured bibs so they understand what aspect of physical education they have succeeded in each lesson. 

  • Ensuring children are provided with as many opportunities in weekly PE lessons to improve their personal best and enable children to feel empowered to challenge themselves further.   

  • Running after school clubs lead by external agencies to promote the engagement of sport. 

  • Ensuring all pupils lead an active school day through providing: regular brain breaks, playtimes using sports equipment, cross-curricular outdoor learning and a minimum of two hours of PE lessons a week.  

  • By the time they leave in Year 6, pupils will be able to explain the benefits of leading a physical and healthy lifestyle including: reducing stress levels, reducing the likelihood of childhood/ adult obesity, promoting opportunities for friendships in Primary School and further field and promoting strong and healthy muscles and organs. 

  • Pupils will demonstrate enthusiasm within PE lessons and will be able to discuss their progress within each lesson and across a unit of work. 

  • Children will have developed knowledge and key skills in a range of sports by the time they leave in Year 6.  

  • Teachers will address any gaps in learning through formative assessment and will challenge/ support pupils as necessary. 

  • Pupils will choose to participate in clubs within school as well as participating in weekly physical activities outside of school. Teachers will use these records to target less active pupils and encourage them to participate in other clubs/competitions. 

  • Pupils will develop a strong sense of resilience within sport and in their daily lessons and we will see this through their enthusiasm and decision to challenge themselves. 

  • By the time they leave in year 6, pupils will execute correct and safe posture when lifting and moving equipment.  

  • Pupils will share and celebrate their sporting achievements in assemblies. 

  • Pupils will choose to participate in intra-school and inter-school competitions.

P.E. Curriculum Statement