Remote Learning

Our remote teaching is provided via Microsoft Teams. Through daily video calls, teachers use a curriculum sequence that provides high-quality online resources, live lessons and teaching videos. Our staff share their screens to provide frequent, clear explanations of new content. Children are set daily assignments that are meaningful and ambitious in a number of different subjects in order to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum. The children upload their completed work via Teams and adult feedback will be given. In the event of a lockdown, children will also be given their Power Maths books so that they can continue the Maths curriculum they were working on in school, after their teacher has taught the daily lesson remotely. Any child who does not have remote access will be provided with a school laptop to ensure that no child is left without support. 


Live lessons have multiple benefits, including continuous monitoring and questioning, interaction and regular face to face contact with staff. Where children need additional support, extra intervention calls will be provided in the afternoons to support maths, reading, writing and pastoral challenges. Our staff are fully prepared to move to remote teaching at short notice – for social bubble closures or full lockdowns. Children have been taught how to login to Teams and use the programme, but if you would like any support with Teams access, please visit our numerous videos on our YouTube channel: click here



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